Friday, May 30, 2014

Before & After. The Fairytale So Far

Yes that is both me. The one on the left was taken in June 2009. It was my 1st official 10km event in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I wore a XL vest back then. Completed that 10km in a ultra slow 1 hour 40mins. Sigh.

And then fast forward 5 years later, I am more thank capable of doing a 50 mins for a 10km. This post isn't really about showing off what I've accomplished so far but to let you know that if you put your heart and mind to it, impossible is nothing.

Now I am down to size S. Shrunken but happier. From a mere 10km to ultras of a 100 miler. That's what I have achieved bit by bit thus far. The journey has just begun really. So keep at it no matter how much or how long. Results will show at the end of the rainbow.


Anonymous said...

good job! thnks for sharing

Lim Ze Jin said...

Wow, that really inspired me to get off the sofa!
Thanks a lot!

kingkong said...

Very inspiring. My wish too. From XXL(currently) to M(future). :). Write for more lah. I wonder how is the Phillipine ultra that u went ?

Yimster said...

Kingkong, which Philippine ultra was that?